Prologue: What is This Nonsense?

A couple months ago, I embarked on a new adventure: cleaning my bedroom. This is a feat that has been undertaken many times, but is rarely ever completed. Now, the project has started again with new gusto, but has hit an unexpected road block.

The books.

It has become clear to me that I am a book hoarder. As I struggle to find my bedroom floor, I keep finding more and more books, some dating as far back as elementary school. The biggest problem, the real detriment to completing this feat of cleanliness, is figuring out what to do with the multitude of books.

From the full bookcase…

The overflowing shelves…

The cluttered cupboards…

And my library is beginning to make its way into the rest of the house…

Oh, and in case you’ve ever wondered, here’s what 83 pounds of books look like:

It’s become clear to me: something must be done.

If you’re a reader like me, I think you’ll agree that getting ride of books isn’t a task that can be undertaken lightly. From the books you’ve read once and never touched again, the ones you seem to re-read every year, or the ones you keep around purely for sentimental value, it’s not easy to decide which should stay and which should go. That’s where this blog come in.

I’ll be reading through this nonsense – indeed, re-reading my childhood and adolescence – to help determine the fate of all the books that I loved so much growing up. A few times a week, I’ll be reviewing a chapter or two here, to help determine what should stay and what should go.

So fasten your seatbelts kids, it’s gonna be a verbose ride.


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