It’s not just me, right?

When I began this blog, it was so I could look back at all the books I’ve read over the years and decide what I wanted to do with them. I’ve made some headway now, managing to give away a few books, swap, or occasionally sell them. I’ve been enjoying re-reading them and writing about them here a great deal.

Tonight, I found myself wrapping up two books from the Angelic Layer series, three Rave Master books, the .hack manga that came out in the early 2000s, and Me Before You. Tomorrow, I’ll be mailing them out to their new homes.

I’ll be glad to cut down some of the clutter, but when I was wrapping up Angelic Layer and Rave Master, I found myself unexpectedly sad. They were the first manga I ever owned, and even though I hadn’t picked them up in years, I was still attached to the books themselves. I can’t say that it’s the end of an era–my manga phase ended long ago–or that I’m nostalgic for a better time. No one ever gets nostalgic about junior high, I can promise you that.

Because I anthropomorphize everything, I feel a little guilty that the books I’ve owned in each series are getting split up and sent to different owners. But mostly, I think I just liked having them around. But as I was packing everything up, I really wanted to flip through the pages one more time, re-read them just once more. And wonder, just for a second, if maybe I shouldn’t send them out at all.

But then I remind myself that they’ll have new owners that will (hopefully) love these books as much as I did.

Does anyone else have trouble getting rid of books? Have you ever felt emotionally attached to a physical copy of a book, even if you haven’t picked it up in years?

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